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One of the best parts of summer is time spent with friends and family on a backyard patio, enjoying the sun and the company of loved ones. But in California, there are plenty of days when the heat makes that time in your outdoor living area unbearable. 

Our team at California Canvas wants to make sure you don’t miss a second of outdoor time because of excessive heat. We are here to offer a wide selection of patio covers and shades to customers across San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

Patio covers from California Canvas are the best way to keep your patio cool at an affordable cost.

Types of Patio Covers for Your Outdoor Living Space

California Canvas’ selection of patio covers come in various colors and sizes but primarily fall within two main types: awnings and patio shades.

Both of these patio covers will work exceptionally well in keeping the summer sun from making your patio too hot but will do the job in different ways.


An awning serves as a roof over your patio, blocking out the sun by covering it from the top. Most awnings will have trim that keeps some of the sunlight from entering from the side, but generally, the protection will come from your awning blocking light from the top down.

Patio Shades

If awnings are like outdoor roofs, you can consider patio shades similar to outdoor curtains. Patio shades will keep both the heat and glare from the sun from affecting your patio but can be regarded as slightly intrusive for some. 

Benefits of Patio Covers

Increased Comfort

Intense heat from the California sun can affect both our body temperature and the temperature of our patios when they are not adequately covered.

Without an awning or patio shade, outdoor living areas left in the sweltering summer heat can be unbearably warm the second you step onto them. Concrete absorbs and stores heat, meaning that the moment you set foot on your patio, it will likely be too uncomfortable to stay for long. 

Patio covers and their provided shade can keep your body and the patio itself from overheating.

UV Protection

Patio covers can protect you from both hot temperatures and the sun’s harmful effects.

Most people remember how miserable warm days can be the second they step outside but can often forget that they can be as bad for your health as they are uncomfortable. The sun emits UV radiation that can affect the appearance of your skin and the effectiveness of your eyes, and patio covers can be a line of defense against those adverse effects. 

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If you want patio covers installed in your San Francisco home, look no further than California Canvas. Since 1979, California Canvas has served customers across the Bay Area professional awning and patio shade installation at an affordable cost.

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