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Industrial Awnings in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Are you looking for shade structures such as awnings or canopies for your industrial areas establishment? At California Canvas, we are a full-service commercial awning design, manufacturing, installation, and cleaning company serving the Bay Area since 1979. If you need custom-made awnings for industrial use, make us your first call.

Awnings for Every Industrial Use

If you’re looking to extend your usable, weather-protected space, we can help. At California Canvas, our certified craftsmen can create the highest-quality industrial awnings and canopies to resist high winds, water, and prolonged sun exposure.

These superior-quality, self-supporting, and optionally retractable industrial-grade awnings provide optimal protection from the elements and a perfect fit for your industrial needs.

We are able to create weather-protected:

  •       Storage areas for inventory
  •       Industrial door and window awnings
  •       Covered parking structures and vehicle ports
  •       Equipment covers
  •       Wide-span patio covers
  •       Industrial curtains
  •       Industrial sign awnings
  •       Production spaces
  •       Equipment covers and storage areas
  •       Employee break and seating areas
  •       Covered loading docks

Our team will help you design your awning style, choose a suitable material for your awnings, tailor your awnings to your design, and install the entire structure. Our solutions exist for every business’s size and budget.

Industrial Fabric Awnings and Canopies for the Bay Area

Our professionals at California Canvas engineer our products to resist heavy wind loads as well as to reflect the sun and keep your industrial area cool. Our awnings products resist the impact of harsh weather and retain their qualities for many years. For our canvas canopies, we extend to you a 5-year factory warranty against defects, plus we will extend that to 7 years if you enter a steam cleaning maintenance agreement.

We custom-design and manufacture all of our industrial canopies and awnings to the most precise specifications and using premium materials for both framing and for the awning material itself. In addition to superior functioning to provide you with weather-protected space, our awnings can also add aesthetic flair to your workspace. Many clients tell us that the functional addition to the décor has raised employee morale.

Superior Materials and Construction for Long-Term Durability

Without going into too many of the technical specs, you can choose from square stock fully galvanized or aluminum frames. We use zinc-coated, MIG-welded joints for strength and durability. To prevent water penetration, we silicone the anchor bolts tightly into the wall while also using silicone across the tops of the frames. 

Our team can present a variety of industrial-strength awning fabrics for your choice, then custom-fit them to the frame structure using superior thread and double-seam, reinforced sewing techniques. Using self-tapping screws and internal reinforcing wire, we attach the awning fabric to the frame for a neat, tailored look. 

If you choose a retractable awning, our RTS motor-drive-based industrial awnings use wireless controls for easy installation, with no cabling getting in your way. Our system prevents water retention and rot that are so prevalent among awnings of lesser quality.

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At California Canvas, our goal is to help you understand your needs, budget, and available options to choose the best weather-protected shade structure for your industrial space. Contact us today at (650) 873-3487 for a free estimate of your industrial awnings design and installation project in San Francisco and the Bay area. We serve customers in San Francisco County, San Mateo County, and Santa Clara County.

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