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Custom Awnings in San Francisco & The Bay Area

For home or business custom awnings in San Francisco and the Bay area, call California Canvas at (650) 873-3487!

Custom awnings and canopies can add style and protection to outdoor home or business spaces. They reduce energy bills as they provide shade and protection from the elements. If you visualize vintage 1950s-era metal awnings when you hear the word, be sure to see our gallery of bold, modern, hip, and stylish 21st-century canvas awnings! At California Canvas, we offer a huge variety of fabric design and color variations, as well as sturdy, well-made and expertly installed frames. We can make your home or business look distinctive and strike a mood that suits your style—whether bold, classic, or muted. With so many options for custom-made awnings, you might even find it a challenge to choose the right ones for you! Never fear—our designers can work with you to select exactly the right materials, colors, and designs. Then, our phenomenal craftsmen (and women) can tailor them to your unique specifications and needs.

Types of Custom Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Awnings and Canopies

We work with any kind of business to build shade structures as well as add branding. Industrial awnings can extend production and storage spaces. Commercial storefront awnings can differentiate brands from the competition, while restaurant patio canopies can enhance outdoor dining areas. Residential awnings can create beautiful outdoor living spaces for everyday or entertainment use, plus they can add curb appeal as well as functional energy-efficiency by protecting doors and windows. Our products’ beautiful craftsmanship and amazing features boost the value and appeal of homes and businesses. We can build any types of awning, canopy, or shade structure, no matter the scale or shape. We love a challenge! Some of the more popular types we build and install include:

Storefront Awnings

A custom storefront awning can help your business stand out. Placed over front doors and windows, they can create brand awareness, add beauty, and attract new customers.

Window Awnings

Window awnings can protect furniture and products near windows from sun damage as well as lower energy bills. They can also brighten up the exterior décor of your home or business.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are versatile and highly functional, enabling you to choose the amount of shade you want at any time. The retractable cover shuts or opens to offer sun protection.

Drop-Roll Shades

The drop-roll style allows for customization of shades as well as UV protection when using residential awnings. Some versions allow for automated control from a touch button.

Walkway Awnings

Awnings over walkways provide shade and protection from harsh weather elements. The awnings improve customer gratitude and the morale of employees.

Our Awning Services:

  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Business Awnings
  • Residential Awnings
  • Colorful Awnings
  • Structured Awnings
  • Beautiful Awnings
  • Free Estimates

Business Awnings

When you choose California Canvas Design Manufacturing and Cleaning you are making a sound business decision. A striking awning from us will attract customers to your shop by offering:

  • Covered Walkways – Protection from the Elements
  • Patio Enclosures – Seating Outside in a Comfortable Climate Year-Round
  • Colorful Protection with Your Logo
  • Entry Door Awnings with “Drive-By” Name Recognition

Furthermore, we’ll match your color and window scene with custom work to ensure that your company’s image is flawless. Don’t wait. Reap the benefits of a custom awning by calling us today.

Residential Awnings

Nothing is more calming than relaxing on a sunny summer’s day under the cool shade of a customized awning. Whether you’re dreaming of a shady backyard barbecue on a golden afternoon or simply a little shelter from the intense sun, an awning from California Canvas Design Manufacturing and Cleaning will more than do the job. Our awnings offer:

  • Protection from the Weather and Insects
  • Add Beauty and Value to Your Home
  • Add Privacy
  • Vinyl Enclosures Offer Weather Resistant Comfort – Easy On and Off
  • Open Air Awnings – Free Movement with Sun and Rain Protection
  • Various Awning Types

Why Choose Custom Awnings for Your Home or Business?

Our team at California Canvas has more than 40 years of experience providing superior quality awnings and canopies, so talk to us about building the right tailor-made structure for you. Call us at (650) 873-3487 for custom awnings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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